About Steyr
01.01.2010 mohumo

Steyr has one of the most beau­ti­ful down­town squa­res in Europe, where Gothic, Renais­sance, Baro­que and Rococo meet each other in har­mony. In the middle is the town’s emblem — the lovely „Bum­merl­haus“, a jewel of late-Gothic archi­tec­ture. It is a town with a thousand years of history. A town made for pro­me­na­des along the impres­sive main street, leafy ave­nues or the crys­tal clear river its­elf (inspi­ra­tion for Schubert’s Trout Quin­tet), Steyr’s loca­tion also allows for a wealth of inte­res­ting excursions.

Inno­va­tion has always been a dri­ving force

Steyr was the first Euro­pean city with an Elec­tri­cal Power Plant and public elec­tri­cal lights. Today large com­pa­nies like BMW and MAN still pro­duce Die­sel engi­nes and trucks respec­tively here in Steyr. The inno­va­tive Seg­way per­fectly fits to Steyr’s history.…

Where is Steyr?

Right in the heart of Europe. At the foot­hills of the Alps, at the con­flu­ence of two moun­tain rivers (Steyr & Enns) the city offers the per­fect home for riding a Segway.

Steyr is big & small

Steyr is big enough to host an annual mee­ting. Hotels, pla­ces, sur­roun­dings. And on the other hand small enough to get full sup­port from the tou­rism board, the police, the local poli­ti­ci­ans. Since Steyr has a Seg­way sight­see­ing tour people love to see people glide around.

Is Steyr Seg­way friendly?

Anything you need is wit­hin 10 kilo­me­ters gli­ding dis­tance. And, since Aus­trian law sup­ports it, dri­ving a Seg­way is allo­wed at most pla­ces also. On streets, in little side lanes, on mar­ked bicy­cle paths. And very spe­cial in Steyr: in all pede­strian zones.


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