Getting there
01.01.2010 mohumo

Steyr is a medium size Aus­trian city about in the middle bet­ween Vienna and Salz­burg. We are situa­ted at the edge of the mou­tains and the rol­ling hills towards the danube val­ley. Being a little away from the main trans­por­ta­tion rou­tes kept Steyr the nice, beau­ti­ful way it was built ages ago.


Steyr can be easily reached by car. Exit Satt­ledt com­ing from West or Haag when com­ing from the East.


Steyr has its own train sta­tion. For inter­na­tio­nal tra­vel­lers we sug­gest to arrive in LINZ. Aus­trian Rail will help you find a con­nec­tion:


The nea­rest air­port is LINZ. The Steyr tou­rism board offers a shut­tle fix price shut­tle ser­vice to and from the ait­port. Guest arri­ving in Vienna or Munich can con­nect via train or share a ren­tal car.

Air­port, Dis­tance by car, homepage

Linz (LNZ) 0,5 h
Salz­burg (SZG) 1,5 h
Vienna (VIE) 2,0 h
Munich (MUC)2,5 h

You can book a shut­tle from Linz via